The future of news design. In a BOOK!

The challenge with a book about news, is that as soon as it’s printed, it goes out of date. Which makes this book from Francesco Franchi, the award winning art director of Italy’s Il, all the more impressive.

The post on his own site has plenty of images and details about what he was trying to achieve. In particular, this line stood out:

‘Designing News explores how today’s media outlets can become credible, cross-platform news brands. Franchi advocates redefining reporting as telling a continuous narrative across a broad range of traditional and digital media. To this end, he proposes a new, integrated role for editorial designers in advancing the evolution of media for the future.’

The book quotes many people on this point, not least Khoi Vinh, who back in October 2011 argued the case for a new kind of ‘Editorial Experience Designer’; according to Franchi, a figure ‘who can build a great digital product out of great editorial content’.

On top of all this theory, the book is an excellent work of reference, with examples of The Guardian, Bloomberg, Il, The New York Times, Zeit online, New York, USA Today, Katachi and many more. The index is excellent, likewise the bibliography and all the references.

There are fine essays from Mark Porter and Richard Turley and a quite amazing story about the development of the Guardian font families from Paul Barnes and Christian Schwarz.

If I have a complaint, its that it all feels very dense. There are a LOT of words, and many of the pictures are similar sizes. But that doesn’t alter the fact that every designer, and every journalist should own this book.

You can buy one at Gestalten or on amazon.

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