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Five must-see, must-read links

Five-must-readsThe New Yorker re-launches it’s website, claiming to bring all their sensibilites to the web, but at warp speed. Great post, thanks to @magcuture for the tip.

David Carr: ‘I’m not so much a digital native as a digital casualty’ Great writing by @carr2n in The New York Times. If you’re really keen, here’s another, even better piece by him on what it is to be a journalist today.

This chap has designed over 600 world class book jackets. Here’s how he does it.

Jeff Jarvis on how Forbes native advertising strategy has devalued his view of the brand.

Superb analysis of the new Airbnb logo.

This just in: Esquire’s Warhol cover, Travel & Leisure’s redesign and making money out of mobile

New Yorker cartoon all about TwitterNew Yorker cartoon by William Haefeli. If you fancy it as an art print, the New Yorker’s cartoon’s are all available here.

The Atlantic interviews the ‘legendary’ George Lois on how he created the iconic Andy Warhol soup can cover for Esquire back in the 60s. Great story.

Pentagram’s Luke Hayman redesigns Travel & Leisure magazine. At first sight this looks terrific work. It should be, as Luke used to be their Art Director before he went off to fame and glory at New York Magazine.

More from the Atlantic on how we’re all going to make a ton of money out of mobile advertising. Hurrah!

Hugo Lindgren, Editor of the New York Times Magazine, on how he sees the future relationship between print and digital. That’s all sorted, then.