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The Best-Ever Publishing Festival Line Up

PPA-festival-line-upI’m producer of the two big content streams at this year’s PPA festival, where along with CEO Barry McIlheney and his team we’ve put together the most fantastic line-up. Four stages, 60 speakers, CEO’s, MD’s Facebook, Google and…Mushpit!

The festival is Thursday May 12th, there’s still a few tickets left, buy them here.

Seven Must-see, Must-read Links

Was8877923How headlines change what we think. From The New Yorker, of course.

This is great, the way price affects what and how we buy. From the Atlantic.

The best stories from Wired in 2014. All in one handy link.

Jeff Jarvis thinks very deeply about the future of journalism on Medium.

Time Inc. USA makes strenuous efforts to be seen as a technology business, reports Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Colin Morrison has produced this immensely detailed account of  Time Inc’s business, culminating in the prediction that Evelyn Webster will end up running the whole she-bang  sooner rather than later.

Then again, David Carr in The New York Times, speculates Time Inc. will all be sold to Meredith next year.

The PPA completely reboot their annual conference

HomepageLogo900In the past, publishing conferences could be predictable affairs. Keynote at ten, coffee at eleven, that sort of thing. But this Thursday’s PPA conference really does look like it’s going to be different.

Audience-Image-2Apart from a genuinely stellar speaker line up, the scheduling feels new and fresh, with an additional content stream called ‘The Buzz’.

I’m going to be hosting this all day, speakers will be talking about augmented reality, video blogging, digital delivery, e-commerce and loads more. I’m also doing a provocative session myself, talking about editorial and content marketing. Here’s the brochure shizzle:

‘Publishing has changed, and this conference is no exception. Disruption is now the norm. New voices have equal weight to established titles and new platforms challenge our preconceptions on a daily basis. This is why The Buzz is so important. A provocative enquiry into new ways of telling new stories, the sessions here are short, sharp and to the point.

We’ll be competing for your attention, in the same way as your own brands are competing for eyeballs, engagement, and ad dollars. Whether it’s world class vloggers, bloggers or technical platforms, all the sessions here today have the potential to reshape your business.

Keep an eye on #ppareinvented and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing’.

There are still a few tickets left, check out the site for more details.