Monthly Archives: September 2016

A brand and content workshop for ITV’s Loose Women

Client: ITV

Brief: Create a full-day offsite workshop to allow the full team of journalists and researchers to generate a ton of new ideas, along with a much stronger ownership of content themes.

Approach: Seven separate carefully designed sessions, including one where the team were split up and told they had been hired by Amazon, Hearst, Netflix and the BBC to create a competitor that would blow Loose Women out of the water.

Outcomes: A ton of ideas were created, particularly for the shows running through the summer. Editor in Chief Sally Shelford said: “Such a brilliant session! The team are still talking about it and we continue to use the material to this day’.

Loose Women’s ratings are currently up 7% year-on-year.

The September issue

bazaar-sept-2016It’s that time of year again, as made made famous by Vogue’s movie ‘The September Issue’. Sadly their cover this year is rubbish, with the rest of the market not much better.

But the clear winner is this brilliant Harpers’ cover. Aside from the access and technical perfection, it borrows heavily from sixties’ title Nova, which is no bad thing in my book. And the photographer? None other than Karl Lagerfeld. Bet he had a really good assistant.

And for real devotees, here’s a great story on the weight, spine thickness and pagination of all the September glossies. Ka-boom!