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Seven Must-see, Must-read Links

Was8877923How headlines change what we think. From The New Yorker, of course.

This is great, the way price affects what and how we buy. From the Atlantic.

The best stories from Wired in 2014. All in one handy link.

Jeff Jarvis thinks very deeply about the future of journalism on Medium.

Time Inc. USA makes strenuous efforts to be seen as a technology business, reports Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Colin Morrison has produced this immensely detailed account of  Time Inc’s business, culminating in the prediction that Evelyn Webster will end up running the whole she-bang  sooner rather than later.

Then again, David Carr in The New York Times, speculates Time Inc. will all be sold to Meredith next year.

Jane Bown, 1925 – 2014

the-queen-jane-bownJust read the news that the brilliant photographer Jane Bown has died at the age of 89.

She’s rightly famous for producing a level of intimacy in black and white portraiture few have matched.

Her career was long, but she kept on going, as this picture of Her Madge proves. Both were 80 when it was taken. Take a look at the Observer gallery here, or better still, buy the book. You can get it in time for Christmas.


Stolleys Law. Works every time…

people-stolleys-lawCelebrity news weekly sales have been grim for years, but the world’s biggest, People, still packs a punch on newsstand.

Here’s their best and worst sellers of 2014; Robin Williams did 1,169,800, Hillary did half that, at 503,890 copies.

Which their original editor Dick Stolley would have easily predicted when he wrote his famous ‘Stolley’s law’ back in the 70s.

1. Young is better than old.

2.  Pretty is better than ugly.

3.  Rich is better than poor.

4.  Movies are better than television.  (now no longer true)

5.  Movies and television are better than music. 

6.  Movies, TV, and music are all better than sports.

7.  Anything is better than politics.

8.  Nothing is better than the celebrity dead.

(See how all the other US celebrity weeklies fared here at AdWeek)

Possibly The Best Airline Magazine In The World

N-norwegainI’m currently consulting with Ink Global Media, the world’s largest publisher of airline magazines. My own projects for them are still in the mixer, but we’ll do well to get half way close to N, the magazine Ink produces for the smart, increasingly global carrier Norwegian Airlines.

N was narrowly robbed of the UK’s top publishing award this year, coming to second to Slimming World at the PPA Award for Customer Magazine of the Year although it did win Launch of the Year in the BSMEs in 2013. But such is the consistency of quality; I can’t see it being overlooked in 2015. See more